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$30.00 / On Sale

This years 4/20 drop is inspired by the 90s theme “Blunts & booty” party I’ll be vending tonight at The Siren in Morro bay.

If you take part in the devils lettuce then you already know Chronic & cartoons go together like Pb&j 😋
Which is where I got my “CHRONTOON”(Chronic x cartoon) idea from 😶‍🌫️

These 1/1 limited edition 6”x8” canvas panels are now up for grabs & feature some of your favorite ol skool & newer cartoons ie:

❌PATRICK(Sponge Bob)
❌COOKIE MONSTER(Sesame street)
❌ SIDESHOW BOB(Simpsons)
❌BOO GHOST(Super Mario)

They’re the perfect idea to add some character(literally) to your wall, mantle, man cave, diva den, bathroom, etc. etc.

Get em while I got em cuz once they’re gone they’re gone for good!