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Super Barrio series 1


Introducing my new “Super Barrio” series 🎨

This hand painted limited edition MARIO X BARRIO hybrid series brings some of your favorites from Super Mario bros but with a custom OTW urban twist on it.


*10”x20” Drippy Mario canvas

*10”x20” drippy “Lakitu” canvas

❌7”x14” Piranha plant in the city canvas -SOLD

*7”x14” Goomba 40oz canvas

*8”x10” “Bo-ghost canvases(red & purple)

*6”x6” “Hoodstar” canvas

*6”x6” “Cholo-Stool” canvas

*6”x6” Mario ❔ box canvases(retro & new skool)

*10 Multi color Boo ghosts on upcycled paint cans♻️

*6 Goombas on up cycled paint cans(in 2 colorways)♻️

-Each piece is an original 1 of 1 & when they’re gone they’re gone for good, so get em while I got em!

➡️Available exclusively right here & NOWHERE else!